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Some 20 years ago, Bert van Kol settled down in the Punta Cana tourist area with his cigar store, located right on the beach.During that time he attended to an international clientele,people that by coincidence found his little goldmine of smoking joy and knowledge.He would sit them down and tell them about cigar production and about how to handle a good cigar. Little tips to make their smoking experience a more enjoyable one. Time taught him that most beginning or intermediate smokers always kept coming back with the same questions……why is my cigar bitter, how do I cut it? What,s the right humidity, can I relight a cigar…

Would you like to become a better smoker too? Enjoy your cigar to the fullest?Learn how to treat and store your cigars? There is an easy way now…. For years Bert van Kol has been advising his clients , connected by webcam,bringing his expertice into their living room, personally walking them through the process of smoking his Vivaldi Cigars.

Through this website you can become part of the Vivaldi Brotherhood, get some of the best handmade longfillers in the world , and share your experiences with a seasoned and passionate smoker.

At a time that is convenient to you you will get a masterclass with the master himself, making sure your experience will be an unforgettable one.

Vivaldi smoking Master Class, just a mouseclick away…
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